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Realwave Pocket Analyzer

Handheld device measuring – The Realwave Pocket Analyzer is a Class – 1 handheld sound and vibration measurement device. It is a real-time noise and vibration measurement device that can correlate vibration analytics with other information like temperature and pressure to provide comprehensive environmental information. In addition, the data can be exported to data analytics software (via USB on a computer) for further analytics and corrective actions. In addition, the system can also export data in real-time as a Text file, Excel spreadsheet or Matlab file adding additional layers of analytical capability.

To understand the software capabilities of the device, click here.

Realwave Pocket AnalyzerRealwave Pocket Analyzer comes with three categories based upon Vibration Channels:

  • 1-Channel
  • 2-Channel
  • 3-Channel

Refer datasheet for more information about 1-Channel, 2-Channel and 3-Channel device capabilities. Download Datasheet below

Screenshots of device reporting capabilities

Screenshots of device reporting capabilities


  • IEPE Microphone, IEPE Accelerometer Connection

    Realwave Pocket Analyzer Application

    Realwave Pocket Analyzer Application

  • Time Signal Recording, Playback Function (Wave File)
    Real-time Hearing in Measuring Mode (Head Phone Option)
  • Sensor Calibration : Sensitivity Calibration by S/W
    Input Signal Gain : 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 Times Selectable
  • Auto Scale (Y-axis) and Peak Detection
  • Start Measuring Time Delay Function (pre-trigger)
  • Recording Information Setup (Objective and Axis etc.)
  • Measurement Configuration Saving, Loading and Recall from File
  • FFT Data Recording and Comparative Analysis(ref File)
  • Wave Replay and Select Part Function
  • Data Export : Text, Excel, Matlab, BMP, JPEG
  • Overload Detector and Alert

Data Acquisition Unit Specifications
no Features DAQ Specifications
1 A/D Converter 24 Bit
2 Input Channel 1 – 4 Channel, Tacho
3 Sensor Type IEPE, AC, RPM, IR Temperature Sensor
4 Sampling Frequency 32,768Hz or 51,200Hz
5 Input Range 5V (peak to peak) or 2.5V (peak to peak)
6 Dynamic Range 17 – 134dB (50mV/Pa x 10Gain) , 37 – 160dB (50mV/g x 10Gain)
7 Input Signal Gain 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
8 SNR 100dB or More
9 Frequency Range 0.5 – 16kHz(3dB) or 0.5 – 20kHz(3dB)
10 Temperature -10 C to +50 C

General Information
no Specification Description
System Specifications
1 Operating System WinCE 5.0
2 CPU PXA320 (806MHz)
3 LCD 3.5 " 240 * 320 TFT – LCD + TSP
1 Flash NAND 128MB
2 System Memory DDR SDRAM 128MB
3 Expandable memory SD Card
Audio, Slot & Port
1 Audio Codec AC ' 97 Codec
2 Speaker Amp. 1W
3 External Memory Slot SD/MMC Slot
4 USB 1 Host, 1 Device
Input/Output Devices
1 I/O Head-Phone, Speaker, LED, Power etc.
2 Key Power, Reset, Menu, Navi etc.
General Information
1 Communication Serial, Wifi
1 Battery Lithium Polymer 4000mhA (Removable)
2 Battery Charger Built-in battery charger
3 Power 5V ,3A
1 International Protection IP64
2 Operating Temperature -10 C to +50 C (+14 F to +122 F)
3 Storage Temperature -30 C to +70 C (-22 F to +158 F)
4 Humidity 5% – 95% Non-condensing
More Options Option 3M CMOS Camera, 1D Bar-code Scanner, IR Temp Sensor, Laser Tacho

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