Noise and Vibration Solutions

Post-Processing PC Software | Software

PC-based processing software is used to analyze data and perform regression testing on vibration data, both in real-time and on saved data. Both suites have varied functionality and together form a potent combination to resolve any kind of vibration-related issues.

Analysis and Reporting 

  •  Time Trace Data Display
  • Octave Data Graph Display
  • FFT Data Graph Display
  • Text Data Display
  •  PC-based Replay (Wave File)
  •  Peak Value Auto Search at the Selected Area
  •  Data Administration & Report
  •  Regression Analysis
  • Events list
  • Graphical plot of time versus vibration data and behavior
  • 3-Channel analysis
  •  Real-time graphical analysis of measured data
Blast Sofware Report

Blast Software Report (DIN Standard)


Data Analysis 

  • Import Wav Data from PA201 in PC
  • DATS-lite NVE Post Signal Processing
  • Acoustic Weighting
  • Arithmetic(Data & Data) / Calculus
  • Acoustic & Vibration Analysis
  • Human Biodynamics / Frequency Analysis
  •  Signal Generation & Manipulation

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PC Software

PC software


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